“Fortunes, businesses and character: they are simply the aggregate of small, habitual, positive decisions”

Why should we decide to

Work Together?

I believe that there is no better time than right now for decision makers and entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.   If you are willing and able to work, and have a plan – well aren’t those the conditions under which every single successful business has started?

I have fun and make money by sharing my experience and expertise with people like this.  You can’t do it alone.  And business can be a very lonely place.  Everyone has their own angle, their own agenda. How do you know that these are truly aligned with yours?

My understanding of finance, business, governance and behaviour can make a critical difference.

Any engagement starts with a simple discussion about your needs.  We work out how I can make a difference and what success looks like.

Examples may be things like implementing a marketing plan, expanding your board of advisers, increasing sales or making an acquisition.  I also have specialised expertise in Australian financial services, so if you are a financial planner or a client of a financial planner and need an Expert Witness statement, I can help.

Whatever the exact task, I am in your corner.  I have your back. I act in your best interests, and you can rely on me to tell you how it is, whether this is palatable, or not. 

Sounds good?  Contact me!

From Postman to Financial Expert to

Global Consultant

Patrick Canion’s passion for helping people succeed in their business endeavours reflect his strong views that all people are created equal and everyone is connected in some shape or form.  His trademark views on wealth creation  – simplicity, elegance, and persistence – now inform his work in leadership and management consulting.  

Like many, Patrick has lived a life of ups and downs.  American-born, now based in Australia and Switzerland, Patrick has held every job under the sun.  From postman to pastor to publican, he has experienced corporate redundancy and, in his early 30s, overcame an encounter with depression.  Patrick then built the award winning financial advice firm of ipac Western Australia, which in 2016 was acknowledged as the Australian Professional Practice of the Year.  

He is also known for his corporate governance work on private, public and charity boards, and behind-the-scenes works with Australian regulators and litigants who require Expert Opinions in financial advice matters.

The culmination of a 15 year succession plan saw Patrick sell his financial planning practice and embark on the next chapter of his life: spreading his wings beyond Australia and helping entrepreneurs to benefit from his experience and expertise.

“Whether you make $100 a day or $10,000, it doesn’t matter as long as you are in control of your destiny.  I’m in a unique position where I want to impart my knowledge to others and let everyone know that with drive, determination and hard work you can live the life you want.”