Financial Expert

With his trademark views about all people being created equal and everyone deserving access to quality financial advice, Patrick is determined to enact real change in how Australians look at their money and achieve their financial freedom and goals.

Like many Australians, Patrick has lived a life full of ups and downs. American-born, now Perth-based, Patrick has held every job under the sun. From pastor to postman to financial planner, Patrick has also experienced divorce, been made redundant, lost his house and been on the brink of absolute financial disaster. Throw in being diagnosed with clinical depression and you have someone that truly understands the pressures that modern Australian life can throw at you.

Fast-forward 15 years and Patrick’s financial advisory business ipac Western Australia was recently named the best financial planning firm in the country. What did all of these life lessons teach him? Simple… tenacity!

“Whether you make $50 a day or $1,000, it doesn’t matter as long as you are in control of your destiny. I’m in a unique position where I want to impart my knowledge to others and let everyone know that with drive, determination and hard work you can achieve financial freedom to live the life you want.”