“Make your calling, your message. Speak congruently with your beliefs, your passions”

Get out of your Comfort Zone!


When you are passionate about your business and your services, you want the world to know.  That’s what started me thinking about how I could use the media to get my message across, back in my executive days.  I didn’t have a business mentor to guide me, but whenever you can clearly tell your story in plain speaking, you will have an audience (even at a local time of 4:55am for breakfast TV).

Talk about getting out of your comfort zone!  But that is the place where change happens, where growth occurs, where leadership is manifested.  As your business mentor, I can guide you on the best way to get out of your comfort zone.  Contact me today to start our conversation.

Recession possible? How to prepare your family’s finances.

It’s been 29 years since Australia has had a recession …many of us have never lived through one. A recession is a financial firestorm that can threaten to destroy your family’s money plans. But, just like a real bushfire, there are some key steps you can take to prepare, and even turn one into an opportunity.


Patrick appears on the Today Show to answer viewer’s questions about interest rates, super, and property investing.

Christmas Redundancy Warning

Christmas is a time when many employers make big decisions about their workforce, which CAN means redudancies. Finance Expert Patrick Canion shares his tips on how to cope with a redundancy – what to do, what to avoid!

Avoid a Christmas Budget Blow-out

Money Guru Patrick Canion talk to the Today Show team with key tips to plan your Christmas shopping budget.

Publications and selected media

‘More than Money, a Rock Star Guide to Finance’
My first book explains the 8 steps to financial independence, interwoven with my own personal story as an immigrant from the USA.

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