Read my book and be reminded that there is more to life than money

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A financial book with a difference. Forget ‘get rich quick’ schemes and step-by-step secret formulas. Life is for living and people’s relationship with money changes as the years go by. There is more to life than money.

“ The power in this book is that Patrick’s views on money are intertwined with his DNA. This is not just a money book. It is the story of a life with twists and turns, ups and downs.”


Patrick is on a mission to inspire Australians to live the financial lives they truly deserve.

As a media commentator he is regularly called upon by the likes of:

So how is Patrick’s book different?

You’ll get a candid account from a man who has lived several lives. From postman to pastor to one of Australia’s most respected financial voices, Patrick’s book delivers life lessons for Australians who want to learn about how to handle their money like they never dreamt possible.

More than Money provides exclusive access to one of Australia’s greatest financial minds giving unique insights in how to create wealth, change financial habits, invest in property and build superannuation.

Patrick’s book will empower you to rock your finances and really ‘own’ your money rather than letting your cash flow rule you. You will also think about money differently, not just focusing on dollars in your bank account and not seeing wealth as a be all and end all of happiness.

principles that will change your financial reality

• Why Australia has the greatest potential to build wealth over any other
• country, and how you can be part of this (no excuses)
• How to get younger Australians to care about superannuation
• Eight overarching rules to breaking down the barriers to financial freedom
• Why using super to buy your own house is a bad idea
• Why you don’t need to be rich to be happy in life
• Making bad investments and what you can learn when a ‘good’ investment goes wrong