“Make your calling, your message. Speak congruently with your beliefs, your passions”

I’ve been fortunate to be involved in launching, guiding and mentoring numerous enterprises around the world.  These projects have allowed me to gain a first-hand, experiential understanding of how business works.  Some were my babies, in others, I play a supporting role:  all are examples of seeking to improve the lives of clients and stakeholders.

Patrick Canion

Independent Expert Reports

An important aspect of the Australian legal system is independent expert reports.  These allow litigants to access the opinions of recognised experts in order to assist the court in reaching an informed judgement.

I have broad experience in writing Expert Witness reports and assisting litigants and regulators in matters relating to the application of Corporations Act and regulatory guidance in the provision of financial advice.  These have involved jurisdictions from the District and Supreme Courts of Western Australia to the Federal Court and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. More recently, much focus has been on the appropriate application of the Best Interest Duty and S961B of the Corporations Act in the provision of retail financial advice.


JP Media is a leading South Australian full-service communications agency, specialising in providing end-to-end services across digital media and public relations.

Led by Co-founder and Managing Director Patrick Anderson, JP Media is renowned for building a deep understanding of its clients. The team uses this to design and implement strategies to efficiently achieve clients’ business and marketing objectives.

Patrick acts as a Board Adviser and Business Mentor to JP Media.  His expertise has helped JP Media to navigate the challenges of COVID-19, a business restructure, and services review – coming out stronger for it.

Kenwell was founded with the desire to make the world a better place, one family at a time, through helping people to design and achieve their best life.

In conjunction with my then UK partners, I co-founded Kenwell Switzerland as an independent, fee-for-advice practice, focussing on international and wholesale investors and family offices. Through our international connections, we were able to serve the anglosphere from Australia through to the United Kingdom.

My motivation was to create the advice practice that I could not find when I first moved to Geneva.  As such, we planned for the person you are, not just the money you have.


The Wealth Designers

The Wealth Designers was founded by prominent financial advice leader, Troy MacMillan and is a leading financial advice and investment management firm.  ​

Based in Perth and Sydney, Patrick is now proud to be licensed with The Wealth Designers in Australia and represent them in Switzerland, the European Union and the United Kingdom.

TWD’s motto is ‘Live Well’.  They apply this philosophy in providing advice and investment solutions to all clients.  Particularly, they have a Family Office service helping to develop and implement intergenerational strategies for HNW families.


Verse Wealth believes that financial advice is not just about money – it’s about a person’s entire life. Money is simply fuel for living the life you want, which means something different to everyone.

Founded by Corey Wastle, Verse Wealth is an Australian company providing independent financial advice to create wealth, freedom and happiness for its clients.

As well as satisfied clients and high NPS scores, Verse Wealth has won multiple professional awards for its quality and innovation in Australian financial advice.

Patrick has worked closely with Corey as a mentor and adviser for many years, helping him to grow Verse Wealth within the context of his personal and the business’ values.

Intiger was created in 2016 to provide modern and efficient tech solutions to Australian financial planning practices, allowing them to transform their service offerings and improve their profitability.

Their vision was simple: to transform the operational aspect of providing quality financial advice to Australians.

In late 2016, Intiger was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. At this time, Patrick was invited to join the Board as a Non-Executive Director and leant on his experience and understanding of financial planning to help them shape their services. Patrick’s education in corporate governance was also vital in his role as a Non-Executive Director for Intiger. In 2017, Patrick was asked to chair Intiger as it raised further capital and expanded into a second Philippines office.

In December 2020, Intiger completed a $7m capital raise as part of a reverse takeover by Complii Technologies and in combination with his move to Switzerland, Patrick resigned from the Board.

Patrick was co-owner and CEO of this innovative financial advice business, always following his vision of helping his clients understand their dreams and create a plan to achieve them. 

In the early 2000s Patrick partnered up with ipac, a financial advice and funds management that was co-founded by Paul Clitheroe AM.  Over 30 years, we helped our clients navigate both good times and bad. Ipac Western Australia saw them through the downturns of the early 90s, the dot.com bubble – and crash – of the late 90s and early 2000s and of course the Global Financial Crisis of 2008.

As the CEO and co-owner, one of my most proud moments was in 2016, when the team was awarded the inaugural Professional Practice of the Year by the Financial Planning Association.

Katana Solutions is a start-up software developer providing practical digital solutions to businesses.

Co-founder and Managing Director, Jassa Amir-Lang, has developed an exciting business model that sees Katana take equity positions in the projects they are involved in, aligning their interests with their clients.

An example of this approach is Frigid – a smart refrigeration control solution for the brewing industry. Frigid allows brewers to measure, control, and program individual tank chilling parameters using any web-enabled device.

Katana has also raised capital from external angel investors.

Patrick acts as an independent chair of the Board, providing corporate governance and support to Jassa.

Publications and selected media

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Supreme Court of WA – Judgement: Lockyer v Bermingham
Expert Opinion provided to Plaintiff.

Administrative Appeals Tribunal – Decision: ASIC v Atkins 
Expert Opinion provided to ASIC